Let's Do This!

The HRL Blog Septemer 30, 2021

Hi! Thank you so much for being here!

We are so excited to start this new adventure and are simply ecstatic that you are here. Human Resources Laurier is the only HR related club at Laurier dedicated to educating, inspiring, and developing the next generation of HR professionals. Whether you are here to learn tips and tricks about standing out in interviews or networking sessions, or you are interested in pursuing a career in the HR industry, we are here for it. We are here with you and are so looking forward to meeting you this term. Oh, and by the way, we are the HRL Club Strategy Team. Between myself Annie, and directors Abi and Khushi, we will be the creatives behind this blog. Add us on LinkedIn – because you know – it’s all about the connections that you have … and your interview prep … and your experience … and the work you put in … ;)

On a serious note, the goal of these blogs is to connect and interact with Laurier students. With the co-op admission process to blame for graciously causing 90% of all first and second-year BBA student’s stress, we want to make sure that you know two things right off the bat:

We will be creating these blogs once a month and covering a range of topics from resume and cover letter writing, to interview preparation, leadership and communication skills, among many, many others. In addition to the blog posts, we will sporadically host online workshops throughout particular months to practice what we preach. Stay tuned!

Most importantly, throughout this term, we want to connect with you on a student-to-student level. We want to practice and learn new skills, alongside you. Our Events Team is busy planning big big things that you won’t want to miss. Our Internal Team is looking for you. We are hiring 2 First Year Reps, and 2 Directors of Events. Email, DM, Connect, do whatever you need to do, but let’s stay in touch! Chat soon...most likely via Zoom of course.

Contact Us.