ICYMI - HRPA Industry Night!

The HRL Blog October 31, 2021

Hello friends! Thank you for being here again this month!

HRL has had an eventful month of October, and we wanted to make sure you were in on all of the happenings! From hiring a few new AMAZING team members, to hosting our first event, I must say, our team is crushing it.

On October 19th, we hosted our HRPA Industry Night! If you aren’t sure what the HRPA is - let me fill you in. HRPA, or the Human Resources Professionals Association, provides those in the HR industry with the tools and resources they need to succeed and grow within Human Resources. The HRPA provides exclusive designations to HR professionals, known as the Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP), the Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL), and the Certified Human Resources Executive (CHRE). These designations are specific to the HR industry, similar to the ways in which one may receive the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation in the accounting industry. Now that was a lot of titles - let's break it down further.

We welcomed Justin Manuel, Adriana Covic, and Beatriz Millon, all representatives of the HRPA, and they provided their expertise and insight on the HRPA’s resources and designations. Did you know! If you are enrolled in the BBA program, you have the option to take your degree to the next level and pursue the course requirements for one of the HRPA designations! Check out the course requirements for the designations here!

Dr. Steve Risavy joined us to answer questions about becoming certified if you are in the BBA program at Laurier; if you missed out and have any questions you can reach out to Dr. Risavy at ​​srisavy@wlu.ca!

We have a couple new team members that undoubtedly deserve a shoutout… A huge welcome to our First Year Reps! Naveetha and Cynthuja - we are so excited to have you on our team! We hope you will grow to love HRL! Our rockstar VP of Events, Anna, has two new team members to welcome and celebrate as well! Welcome Ethan and Sriya to the unstoppable events team! No really - they truly are unstoppable! Thank you again for being here - stay tuned for more next month!

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