School Burnout: Let’s talk about it!

The HRL Blog November 30, 2021

Hello friends! Thank you for being here again this month!

I know that this can be a tough time for students as final exams are approaching and many of us have just finished midterms. It is normal to feel tired and burnt out by this time of the term. There are so many things that are going on outside of school as well. The holidays are approaching and things might be getting busier at home but it is important to take care of yourself. Take LOTS of breaks!

This type of burnout can have an impact on your emotional, physical, and mental health. It is important to acknowledge when you need to take some time to rejuvenate. This can mean something different for everyone but it can involve exercise, spending time with family and focusing on something other than school.

Here are some tips that I find helpful for school burnout:

  1. Try to schedule your day so that you can dedicate a portion of your day to school work and personal time. I personally like to dedicate time from 9:00AM - 6:00PM for school work (plus some breaks) and then from 6:00PM - 12:00PM to personal time. During my personal time, I like to catch up on some shows, talk to friends, clean up my apartment, and work out.
  2. I would say that the best way to help with burnout is planning in advance. I find that sitting down on a Sunday evening and planning your schedule for the week helps. I like to write emails, send important messages, and plan meetings on Sunday evenings so everything is laid out for the upcoming week.
  3. It is super important to remember that all students struggle with burnout and it is more than okay if you are having a hard time keeping up with your schoolwork. We have all been there! Know that you are valid and your schoolwork does not define you! I know that sometimes we forget that struggling is part of life and helps us learn important lessons.
  4. Talk to your friends! I can guarantee you that your friends are feeling the same way. Talking about it over some coffee or bubble tea will make you feel so much better!

I know that it is nearly impossible to avoid school burnout but there are always ways to manage it. Taking breaks and talking to friends is a great starting point!

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