Fall 2021: A Recap! Bring on 2022

The HRL Blog December 30, 2021

Hi everyone!

We hope you all enjoyed a well-deserved break following the chaos and stress that is undoubtedly tied to exam season.

Similar to most clubs and groups on Laurier campus’, this past semester our team has faced many obstacles as we continue to navigate the online world. However, we have also had many moments worthy of acknowledgement as we conclude this semester. With respect to a few individuals, we welcomed, for the most part, a brand new executive team. We learned that our team has strong skills in organization, collaboration, and teamwork. Three skills that will undoubtedly transfer into any workplace environment. We were able to host a couple of in-person socials, which allowed us to remember the importance of spending time as a team outside of the classroom or workplace, and further, the significant impact face-to-face collaboration has on mental health and well-being.

Our HRL team’s goal is to provide a space for learning and growth, within the realm of Human Resources. We hope to foster collaboration and networking through our events, and this holds true as we continue planning for next semester…you can expect more fun collaborations! :)

Looking towards the future…

We have enjoyed starting this monthly blog, and think it is a great way to connect with students and share insight about the world of Human Resources. With that being said, next semester we hope to implement more hands-on, live workshops that relate to the topics discussed here on the blog! Stay tuned for more details.

There was nothing normal about the past two years we have endured, but here’s hoping things will start to look brighter in 2022… haha I know you’re thinking…we’ve heard that one before! Happy New Year, and all the best in 2022!

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