Why should you partner with Human Resources Laurier?

In the two years that Human Resources Laurier has been involved on Laurier’s campus, we’ve made great strides in connecting with companies, professionals, and alumni who share our passion. In turn, those companies have benefited from the touchpoints they are able to create with interested and driven business students as well as the networks they are able to join as an affiliate of Human Resources Laurier. This holistic approach makes it easy for partner companies to recognize the value that we at HRL can provide for their firm, and allows us to be appreciative of the support and generosity that we receive from our corporate partners, permitting us to keep creating engaging and mutually beneficial opportunities for students. Having said that, the opportunities we have for prospective partners this year are not defined or limited in scope by COVID-19; In fact, they are bolstered by it - as we are free to promote, engage with, and accommodate our partners with whatever medium or event they wish to participate in, ensuring that both parties are satisfied with the value that is being shared. Sponsorship from firms like yours will allow us (and yourself) to engage with a student body that is not limited by being only online, but focused like never before on a single platform. We hope that you share our enthusiasm and interest in creating a partnership to advance your company’s goals alongside our own.

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